Village Association

The Village Association puts on several events in the course of the year. 

Firework Display

In the Playing Field, Ulgham Lane on November 5th.

Ulgham Feast

It is hoped that the Feast will take place on Saturday 1st July 2023.


The committee underwent a restructuring 2013/2014 to bring Ulgham Meadows and the Playing Field Management committees under the remit of the Village Association and to include representatives from the Women’s Institute and the Cricket Club. The reason for this was to avoid duplication of effort and to improve communication channels between the groups active in the village.

The current committee members are:

Chair: Helen Shaw
Treasurer: George Brown
Secretary: Lynne Scott

Representative for Ulgham Meadows :  David Parkin

Representatives of the Parish Council: 2 of George Brown, Jim Scott, Helen Shaw, Lesley Newman and Deb Wilson

Representatives of the Women’s Institue: Pauline Martin

Representatives of the St. John the Baptist Church: Pamela Lamb

Representatives of the Cricket Club: Colin Tait

Minutes and general documents

Follow this link to access all Ulgham Village Association documents including meeting minutes, newsletters and other general documentation:

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